Where attention is, success flows

Where your attention lies, is where your success flows.  You will get more of whatever you focus on, good or bad.  Moment of truth time – are you putting your attention more on the things you want more of in your life, or on what you fear? Decide today to take the actions, the beliefs and the mindset that support what you want out of life.  If you are producing results you don’t want, checkin in with yourself, answer honestly.  Ask yourself if you are truly putting your attention and taking courageous action towards what you want.  Have you identified what factors are key to success in getting what you want?  Don’t allow yourself to be lazy!  Push yourself, do some heavy lifting in the thinking department.  Perhaps you’ll need to approach things again from a different angle, or require specialized help, but this is certainly not time to claim fatigue, maintain the momentum, keep going.


Nick Ugoalah is a gold medal wrestler, entrepreneur, Chief of a village and a former foster child. He is the founder of UGO High Performance, a company committed to developing high performing leaders, organizations and teams.


He now travels worldwide inspiring others to excellence. Nick is a certified executive coach, and holds a BSc from Brock University and an MBA from Royal Roads University.

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