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You are Important– High Performance for Youth Care Workers

Youth Care Workers face a time of unparalleled stress.  Long hours, and increasing demands are causing fatigue and burnout rates to skyrocket.  Never before has a positive mindset and energy been so important to personal, professional and organizational success.

Based on powerful lessons learned in the foster care system during his teens, and his professional work with Social Workers and youth, Nick Ugoalah presents a powerful roadmap for social workers to overcome life and work obstacles and bring out the best in themselves and the youth and children they serve.  Drawing upon the work he has done with youth care workers, and social service organizations, Nick shares inspirational stories, actionable strategies, and the top 10 rules to fuel your organization, youth care workers,  and youth with positive energy.

Whether you feel that your gas tank is empty, maybe just stuck with a flat tire, lost direction, or you’re ready to drive you and your team with more purpose and positive energy, Nick will inspire you to create more success and enjoy the ride of your life!


  • Enhanced Morale and Worker Retention
  • Increased Energy
  • Positive Organizational Culture
  • Enhanced Focus and Performance
  • Happier, healthier and energized Workers
  • Reduced burnout and stress
  • Greater positive effects on the youth served
  • Reduced negativity and anxiety

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UGO YES PROGRAM. – Empowering At-Risk Youth

Every young leader will face challenges that can lead to detours of self-doubt and negativity.  Nick Ugoalah’s Youth Empowerment Seminar, UGO YES, gives young people the hope they need to imagine a happy, successful future and tools to make it happen.

He understands how much energy a troubled youth expends just surviving or in fear. As a youngster, Nick lived in fear, helplessness and despair, a victim of abuse. In his dark and narrow world, there was no place for dreams or ambition. Later, when he left his home and was placed with a loving foster family, lights came on for him. With the family’s support and guidance, he surprised himself – transforming from an angry, directionless young man to, a high performing student and elite athlete.

Real-world help from someone who’s been there

Nick’s message is geared for high school and college students.  Nick shares a dynamic roadmap to overcome adversity and challenges you to bring out the best in yourself and others.  Nick’s principles for success are based on real-life experiences and help young leaders excel in their relationships, family, work, school, peer pressure, leadership, and more!

Young people, who are often suspicious and cynical, connect with Nick. His powerful physique and dynamic presentation intrigue them, and they recognize themselves in his story. He proves that even in the worst of circumstances, they can get unstuck. Nick gives kids a sense of purpose and direction, a way to heal and get past obstacles to achieve their own greatness. Youth become refocused and activated to tackle their education and goals after hearing Nick Speak.

As he visits schools, youth conferences and jails, Nick’s positive example of excellence, discipline and persistence changes the lives of Youth.  Nick shares powerful strategies and enlightening stories that inspire young leaders to follow their passion, use their gifts, live their purpose, enjoy the ride and make a significant impact on the world.

Nick is a professional level member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, he holds a BSc and an MBA, he is a certified Executive Coach and is especially committed to helping disadvantaged youth get back on track. He also partners with individuals to find their focus and achieve their goals, coaches’ organization members to succeed through teamwork and trains corporate groups to handle challenges creatively.

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Nick Ugoalah is a gold medal wrestler, entrepreneur, Chief of a village and a former foster child. He is the founder of UGO High Performance, a company committed to developing high performing leaders, organizations and teams.


He now travels worldwide inspiring others to excellence. Nick is a certified executive coach, and holds a BSc from Brock University and an MBA from Royal Roads University.

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