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Master Speaker and Motivator Nick Ugoalah Inspires Audience to Achieve

As a keynote speaker and workshop leader, Nick Ugoalah (Ugo) weaves a hypnotic, emotional story that encourages us to expect more from ourselves and give more to others. From his captivating childhood to his emergence as a world-class athlete, Ugo retraces his path, teaching us what he learned – to control negative thoughts and replace them with empowering ideas that fuel success.

Through his fitness, health and lifestyle consulting and his far-reaching television appearances, Nick Ugoalah helps countless people revitalize their bodies and invigorate their minds. You’ll be touched and inspired by Ugo’s positive, persistent attitude and his ability to sidestep roadblocks. Drawing on the years of exceptional coaching he received as a wrestler, he’ll convince you that character and mindset are your ultimate tools for achieving top performance.

A professional level member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Ugo teaches strategies for turning challenges and mistakes into the “stepping stones to greatness.” In addition to individual success mentoring, he coaches organization members to achieve through teamwork and trains corporate groups to handle challenges creatively. Ugo tailors his keynote speeches, seminars and workshops to stimulate excitement and action from your audience.

Programs and Presentations (Fresh ideas, creative strategies for success and how to compete in the future)

Stepping Stones to Greatness

If you’re looking to cure a case of settle-itis and get more out of life, this is the program for you. Leave failure, regret and fear in the dust and learn Ugo’s step-by-step plan for individual, business and relationship success. Focus your energies and achieve your personal best. This presentation teaches you how to:

  • Recognize the thoughts and behaviours that hold you back
  • Use obstacles as motivators
  • Build and express confidence
  • Define what greatness means to you
  • Trust your abilities
  • Communicate clearly and honestly

Ugo tailors his one-hour keynote presentation or expanded seminar/workshop to your organization. Call for details about fees and available dates: 604.871.1084.


Wrestle Your Business Challenges and Win

With the right attitude, you can transform business adversity into opportunities. Learn to harness the intensity of deadlines and pressure, with positive results. Let Ugo show you how to jump-start your creativity and move forward without regret or fear. He shares the mental techniques that peak performers – from athletes to business people – use to gain a competitive edge. You’ll walk away with the ability to:

  • Improve productivity with a vision and goal
  • Capitalize on your strengths
  • Take advantage of opportunities
  • Knock down self-imposed limitations
  • Keep up with constant change
  • Dismantle the Been Brothers – Coulda, Shoulda and Woulda
  • Tap into your confidence
  • Add value and create solutions for your customers

Available as a rousing one-hour keynote presentation or expanded seminar/workshop. Call for details on scheduling and fees: 604.871.1084.

Overcome Adversity and Tough Times to Win: Change will come, will you make the choice to grow?

Change and uncertainty is always with us, there are things you can control and there are things you just cannot control. This presentation will help you to focus on the right things, to take the steps, to make the moves at the right time.

Understand the big picture and be ready for the future, the global business issues that could be affecting your business, what is driving change, and how to ensure that the human potential is maximized. Learn critical things that you should do to increase your value and keep the company pipeline full of business and opportunities for growth.

Designed for: Individuals who want to and are committed to winning in the future.

Topics Covered:

  • Global issues that effect the future
  • Technology trends that drive the future
  • Political and social issues that constrain and compel the marketplace
  • Revolutionary ideas that will produce superior results and competitive advantage
  • How global concerns, i.e. emerging societies, costs of goods, economic uncertainty, inflation, and environmental concerns, are changing things very quickly
  • What you must do as a successful businessperson to grow mentally, physically and emotionally.

Results: You will learn about what is coming, why it is happening and how you can profit from it. This topic can be customized to cover any of the group’s special issues.


Create a Championship Team

This presentation is perfect for sales, creative, project management and sports teams, any group that must cooperate to succeed. Create the bonds that build trust and enthusiasm and make hard work a joy. Inspire and empower team members to:

  • Take on challenges with a common vision
  • Break through team barriers
  • Create results through mutual respect
  • Build on each other’s strengths
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Rise to the challenge together
  • Share responsibility and success

Available as a one-hour keynote presentation or expanded seminar/workshop. He tailors his program to meet your organization’s requirements. Call now for information on scheduling and fees: 604.871.1084.


Golden Keys to Unlimited Success

Learn how to be proactive and not re-active. Inspire teams to be creative and analytical, to work together effectively, to invent the future and be proactive so they are ready for trends and can take advantage of them before they happen.

In this program I will reveal unpopular truths about creating teams to make things happen, things like real innovation that is measurable, and the kind of innovation that can change the world.

Designed for: Business leaders, executives, research and development teams, human resources executives, entrepreneurs, plus everyone who wants to make the most of teams who will challenge the future.

This presentation could be customized for any group, and may run from one to three hours. The most popular length is about one hour. It can be delivered to international corporations, professional associations, school graduations, and conventions for coaches, meetings of the US Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and NASA.

Topics covered: Doing your best and using examples of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and a list of other successful individuals who had the vision and determination to be the best.

  • Balance in Life leads to a full, happy and productive life:
  • Make lists of what you want to be, to do, to have and to give
  • Prioritize the list for you
  • Define your goals; be sure they are your goals
  • Refine your goals based on your priorities
  • Visualize you achieving your goals, create a plan, see yourself working your plans and completing them
  • Make your treasure map; it is your direction for the future.
  • Create your mission statement and read it everyday


  • Giving people a new outlook by changing the perception of how they look at life
  • Overcoming adversity and discovering how to win over and over again
  • Accepting change, taking risks, sowing seeds and reaping rewards
  • Attitude adjustments, making improvements
  • Understanding that winning and losing is a matter of choice
  • Overcoming self-doubt believing in yourself, even when no one else does
  • Making the most of what we have, every single day

Managing Change:

The world seems to be changing faster than the people can react. A shocking number of organizations, groups and companies in the top their market have failed to maintain their edge, and a shocking number had problems, gone bankrupt and out of business.

The leaders who see change as an opportunities, and take action on the future trends, will thrive in the future.


One of the biggest challenges in business today is how to create a management system that includes a realistic and quality plan for the new vision, a way to execute the plan so everyone buys into it, and build it so the “new changes stick.”

Managing this complexity requires a complete understanding of the values of the organization, the people, the new marketplace boundaries, challenges and absurdities that develop in organizations, companies and groups. The requirement for too many meetings, approvals, duplication, wasted supplies, time, energy, and money, drain the organization of productivity and profitability.

The competitive landscape demands a culture of fast action, on-going improvement, and being better than the competition, to generate results, get things done and improve the quality of the operation and service to a higher level


To explain trends that managers must understand in order to not just survive but thrive and be ahead of the competition.

Designed For:

Today’s leaders and managers and anyone employed in a company or organization that wants and needs to survive and thrive the post-recession, global economy.

Topics Covered: Eight Steps for Changing an Organization.

  1. Increasing the sense of urgency – Evolve or Die – Make the choice to change, grow and thrive.
  2. Building a guiding team to lead the change revolution
  3. Get the vision right for change strategy – Accuracy first, then momentum.
  4. Communication methods and styles for buy in – make sure you are using what you have. (It is the deepest all truths: its not what you have, it’s what you do with what you have that makes the difference)
  5. Empower the need for change and act on the vision.
  6. Creating short-term wins – Momentum builds as people try to fulfill the vision and resist change
  7. Don’t let up. (Never, never, never give up. Sir Winston Churchill)
  8. Make change stick – reinforce the vision and the action plan.

Additional training modules and topics that can be added to the presentation:

  • Understanding change
  • Performing on-going values reviews
  • Planning for new changes
  • Implementing the new plans
  • Managing the ongoing changing world
  • Communicating change across the generations and cultures
  • Capturing good ideas and using a proven process to execute them
  • Creating a positive workplace atmosphere
  • Making quality and on-going improvement everyone’s mission
  • Create, innovate, execute, analyze, measure, improve = change

This program challenges leaders and managers to see change as the on-going opportunity and to generate a work environment conducive to innovation. It creates a mindset beyond quality inspection to one of making measurement and standards meaningful, one of shaping the future.

These programs can be customized for your group and last from sixty minutes in a keynote format and up to three hours in an interactive format.

Nick Ugoalah utilizes customized programs to unlock the secrets of mastering change and creativity, increased sales and world-class customer service. He helps you to get the results on the bottom line. This successful Athlete, businessman, and coach keeps audiences on the edge of their seats as they learn the principles and secrets of success, happiness, and achievement.

Nick Ugoalah is available for: professional motivational speaker events and media interviews. Nick Ugoalah produces customized keynote, seminars and programs, delivering what you want and need – real world ideas that produce great results!

“Nick’s simply outstanding…”

Nick is a powerful speaker on excellence and how to achieve it.

–Jim Murphy, author, Dugout Wisdom

Everyone can feel it when there is a champion in the house. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to find the champion in ourselves. You were absolutely inspiring.

– Mark McCallum, Director, Advisor Development, Vancouver Georgia Financial Centre, Vancouver, BC

If you’re wrestling with the notion of passion branding and think that it’s only for heroes like Nick Ugoalah, just remember that your deepest sorrows and your most painful shame could be a source of courage for others.

– Mark Schneider, CTV News

Nick’s keynote address at our annual conference was simply outstanding. His message was moving and entertaining as he detailed how to take on challenges fearlessly.

– Sharookh Daroowalas District Governor, Toastmasters Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC


Nick Ugoalah is a gold medal wrestler, entrepreneur, Chief of a village and a former foster child. He is the founder of UGO High Performance, a company committed to developing high performing leaders, organizations and teams.


He now travels worldwide inspiring others to excellence. Nick is a certified executive coach, and holds a BSc from Brock University and an MBA from Royal Roads University.

  • 604-787-2608

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