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Rehearse to Win!

Begin now acting displaying the qualities of the person who has achieved what you want. Winners act like winners long before they ever get into a situation. Ask any superstar and they will tell you their biggest challenge does not come from their opponent but rather from inside. Spend time getting into a state of relaxation, alternating tensing and relaxing your muscles, take your mind away from things that may be stressful or worrying you.

You are standing face to face with your dream. It is your day and you are ready to win. You will not be denied. You are strong and confident. It is part of you. You execute the actions necessary to succeed with focus and intensity. You are sharp, focused, alert and ready to make the necessary adjustments as they come. When obstacles come, you counter them. It doesn’t matter what confronts you, you execute with confidence and assuredness. You are focused. You will not be stopped. You are on fire. You are fearless. You love this feeling of going after your dream with relentless intensity. It’s your time. Even though you are bold with your action and relentless with your execution, you are still relaxed and calm, enjoying the moment. It’s your day, its your time, it’s your moment.

You did it! You achieved your goal. You feel the excitement and joy of winning. You are a winner. You have a powerful will to win. You’ve got the will, you are ready for anything. You can do it. You feel free. You are motivated and focused. YOU ARE A CHAMPION!!

Be Yourself!

Be yourself. Even if you may be struggling to accomplish your goals, regardless of what the latest trend or fad, don’t be afraid to be yourself. Look around you, the people who accomplish the most in this world are people who are not afraid to be different. Honour your uniqueness. What is that special thing about you? That way you do things that no one else does. Do not conform! Do not water down you. Right now, assess your powers for what they are.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You have the ability to have more and do more than you think. What are you strong at? Acknowledge your gifts and work diligently to develop them into skills. Activate your dedication, and commitment for high performance results. Go full force into you today. It’s not time to give up! Keep going. Keep believing. You know there is something special about you. You have something to offer the world!

Guard Your Thoughts

Guard your thoughts from negativity and speak in terms of what you want to create. A thought expressed in your mind and held long enough starts to become your reality, good or bad. Develop the discipline to think in terms of the results that you want to create. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work right away, stay with it. Is your communication and actions congruent with what you say you want?

Just as the lift off of a space shuttle uses a tremendous amount of energy at liftoff, the journey to achieving your goal requires a tremendous amount of energy at the beginning, to rise beyond issues of self-confidence, negativity, new learning, belief, trust… the list goes on. Do this one action today – identify 3-5 people who see the potential in you, and have a positive spirit about them. Introduce yourself, and create a strategy to build a relationship with these (EEP) Energy Enhancing People.

Eradicate Guilt

What is the thing in your past that creates the greatest amount of guilt? Have you dealt with it? What person in your life places the most guilt on you? What one thing can you do to change that? Do you constantly criticize yourself for everything that goes wrong? Are you always striving to please others… at the expense of your own personal self value.

Guilt is a feeling of self-condemnation after we do something we think is wrong. Most of the time that feeling is created by someone else’s idea of who they think we should be or what they think we should be doing that we’ve accepted. Do you know someone who’s need for approval is so strong that they are constantly being used?

Refuse to allow someone else to write and produce the script of your life. Guilt stunts your growth and creates feelings of unworthiness for your goals. It is created by the mind and healed by forgiveness. Forgive yourself for anything you did not do. If you’ve let others down… FORGIVE. If you let yourself down… FORGIVE. IF others have let you down… FORGIVE. Give yourself the permission to not be perfect, to be human. YOU are not a bad person. YOU are good enough. Let guilt go. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to have a great life. Go get it!!


Nick Ugoalah is a gold medal wrestler, entrepreneur, Chief of a village and a former foster child. He is the founder of UGO High Performance, a company committed to developing high performing leaders, organizations and teams.


He now travels worldwide inspiring others to excellence. Nick is a certified executive coach, and holds a BSc from Brock University and an MBA from Royal Roads University.

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